I started this endeavor to share my information with you all, so that some of you do not get stuck with the kind of things that I was stuck with. But, seems like I have millions to write about. So, I have decided to let you choose what do I blog about. Game plan is very simple, I will write in some of the topics that I want to write about and you can vote for them, or ask for new stuff. As I get the time (which is mostly a few hours on a weekend), I will pick up the ones with the most vote and start writing about it. The Laundry List:

  • Flex
    • Why Flex?
    • Runtime Shared Libraries
    • Unit Testing
    • Can RIA integrate with Web 1.0
    • Flex Ecosystem
  • Microsoft
    • Introduction to Silverlight
  • Core Java
    • Reflection – How easy can it be

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