iTunes transfer figured out…. Finally

I have always feared a day when I move to a new laptop and i will have to transfer my music data from iTunes. I have got accustomed using iTunes for synchronization of music to my iPod. And I heavily rely on playlist that has my ratings or for all the songs. I have more […]

Google may open source their JavaScript

Free Software Foundation just asked all of us to plea to Google and similar enterprise to open source their JavaScript. Why? Read yourself.

So whats next? Asking Google to open source all of their software; and do the same to Microsoft and Apple and everything. Who knows what their software is doing to us.

Google may launch an iTunes rival

Reports are swirling around the Internet that Google is in the advanced stages of testing a music service that could one day rival Apple iTunes. The reports come amid ongoing online murmurings that Google is working away on a social networking platform behind closed doors.