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This page is dedicated to any and all the controls/libraries that I have and will create in an technology. Hope you find that useful.

Also, if you have a requirement leave a note and I will try and fit that in my schedule.

Button (Flex)

This custom component handles the following in addition to all that Flex has to offer:

  1. Enable “enter” key to handle button clicks
  2. Show the mouse cursor as a “hand” as the user hovers over the button

Source Code



I started this endeavor to share my information with you all, so that some of you do not get stuck with the kind of things that I was stuck with. But, seems like I have millions to write about. So, I have decided to let you choose what do I blog about. Game plan is…


Kapil Viren Ahuja is a Senior┬áManager, Technology from SapientNitro’s Gurgaon Office. Kapil is┬áthe solution architect working on Digital Marketing Platforms and has worked for accounts including NASCAR, Richemont, Alex and Ani. Kapil has also been the Lead Architect on the SapientNitro’s EngagedNow platform. In his role Kapil is responsible for driving technical solutions and delivery…