The false security of Notifications

it’s like jumping into my car and every time i see the dashboard every light in there is brightly lighted up – to the point that one day i stop caring. eventually, someday something will fail – i just hope it’s not the day when I am driving to someplace in an emergency.

Most of our Notifications and alerting strategy is more than a brightly lit Dashboard. We cant any more tell what’s gonna fail when.

It’s a false hope we live with.

Happy new year 2010

Hi All – It has been very long since I was on the blog. I was not so busy hence I guess I was just being too lazy 🙂 It is time for me to get back in the think of things and here I am back once again.  Before I get down to technical […]

Bye Bye

This is going to be my penultimate entry. Not that I plan to stop blogging. I am moving to a hosted solution. The current setup is leading me to compromises and I feel that I am unable to bring the quality out of my posts like posting PDFs for code etc. This blog will go […]