Adobe Thermo – NextGen Designing

Adobe had announced Thermo a few months back and it sure is expected to heat up things. An Article was posted on Excerpt.. “Thermo is a design tool that allows designers to choreograph the motion of a rich internet application, and it spits out code that can be handed off to a development team,” […]

What is Flex?

This should have been the first of my posts. Someone asked this question to me and there were answers but nothing that would explain in depth. There you go… The Adobe Engagement Platform architecture Universal client technology By combining the strengths of ubiquitous Flash Player with Adobe ReaderĀ® software, HTML, and JavaScript, developers can deliver […]

Adobe RIA Summit 2008

April 3rd, Bangalore was the venue for the Adobe RIA Summit 2008 and I was one of the lucky ones to be there. Amongst others were some of the key spokespersons Ben Forta and James Ward. Ben Forta presented a session on using Flex using their Flex Builder and how can one in matter of […]