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Google upgrades Android Market

Google is going to release a new Android Market to take it a step closer to the Apple’s app store – read the full details here.

Apple Patent Aims to Shut Down iPhone Camera Recording in Venues

Apple Patent Aims to Shut Down iPhone Camera Recording in Venues  –

History of programming

I came across this very interesting article and the author’s views where programming started way back. Read here –

Internet body approves corporate web suffixes

Internet body approves corporate web suffixes –

Internet Filter Bubble

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

I came across this topic on “filter bubble” via a fellow blogger. Although the blogger talks about the filtering in context to Atheism, amongst other things, I find this discussion very relevant to how we are building our web today and also very relevant to my job today.

I have been a part of a project/product where we did have similar discussions and ensuring that people are getting information relevant to them. The filter bubble that Eli Pariser mentions in his talk is exactly what we did try to build in our product and are even trying to do so today. We pick up programs that people have selected and we then pass on content based on the selections.

We do not go to the extent of what has been mentioned in this post where a common search result gives back different results. Eli also accepts the fact that personalization is important and we would definitely want to have some results based on what we like; it is simply a way to provide links that we like. However, it is equally important for me to view what are other areas in this regard and especially the view point of other group; to bring in a little flavor to the topic. however, if Google and Facebook or Yahoo and other giants are not doing that for us, then we are doomed. They need to add capability to ask the user what they want – preferential results or just results. Users need to have options, to decide what they need to view. We do not want things to be edited out for us and us not knowing what has been edited out. That way we just don’t know what we are missing – thats not what internet is supposed to do. It is like going into Nike and not knowing that Reebok also exists. Not Fair.


Google may open source their JavaScript

Free Software Foundation just asked all of us to plea to Google and similar enterprise to open source their JavaScript. Why? Read yourself.

So whats next? Asking Google to open source all of their software; and do the same to Microsoft and Apple and everything. Who knows what their software is doing to us.

Google may launch an iTunes rival

Reports are swirling around the Internet that Google is in the advanced stages of testing a music service that could one day rival Apple iTunes. The reports come amid ongoing online murmurings that Google is working away on a social networking platform behind closed doors.

Read the full story here.

Dare to Share – A New Culture of Collaboration in the Enterprise

The web and ever-transforming digital technology have revolutionized the concept of communication and collaboration at work. Fundamental to employee collaboration is how individuals join together to achieve a mutual goal. Collaboration is based on the idea that sharing knowledge through cooperation helps solve problems more efficiently. In the enterprise, this principle couldn’t be more true, especially as more and more employees are engaging with one another through asynchronous, socially-geared technology.

Read more at:

Mobile Web – In a different way

This presentation talks about how mobile web should be thought about and does talks about some numbers too. I like three things about the presentation:


1. The creativity with whcih it has been built and;

2. Talks about the core of the problem and;

3. Touches upon how we can go about fixing it.

Get Rid of IE6

Microsoft launches a website dedicated to the cause of shutting down IE6.