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Concurrency Pattern: Producer and Consumer

In enterprise world, where performance holds the key to everything; the Concurrency patterns bring to table a very interesting and effective solution. One specific pattern Producer and Consumer allow us to write programs with high throughput and get the job done much quickly. This pattern provides us a solution for a common problem where we have to migrate data form System 1 to System 2 and in the process we need to do three tasks: Load data from Database based on groups, Process and Update the records back

The Architect’s Eye – Communicating Errors

In many of my projects, I have found architects guilty of preparing a design that leaves the error messages out of the question. And now, I come across an article that shows us 35 creative designs of showing a 404 page ( As I was browsing some of these designs, I recall a designer I… Read More »

Performance Unpredictability

I was hearing a talk from Joshua Bloch on Performance Anxiety and my key observations from the discussion was It has become impossible to estimate performance Performance is becoming more abstract Measure and use statistics with measures Joshua talks about various aspects of the current systems and how these systems today have lead to a… Read More »

‘The Null’ Nuisance

While working on enahncements on a project already in production, I had a very interesting conversation. Let me give a brief background – the core architecture is all in place and we need to build in new functionality. Of course, refactoring is being done along the road. In a specific scenario, I got into a… Read More »

Need for 3-tier Architecture

Last week, I was working to define an architecture for an existing application. When I walked into the room with the prposal the Senior Delivery Manager asked me “Why do we need an architecture? Why can not not use what we already have?” His concern was logical, this shift was going to push his behind… Read More »

Cairngorm – A glamorous pitfall, Is it? – Part I

When I started using Flex a few months back, the very first tings thing that crossed me was the fan-following for Cairngorm. It was amazing how could a framework be so popular, but they claimed to solve all the problems. It seemed a little good to be true, but was worth trying. Over a period… Read More »

Singleton – Boon or a Sin

Over last few weeks, I have faced quite a few issues with Cairngorm’s Singleton pattern and I decided to put forward a post that should help in making some decision. While I found a few articles about Singletons, but not even one that talks about how should we use Singletons. Ask any programmer, and they… Read More »

Code Coverage for Flex

It have arrived!! Flex Cover 0.10 has just been launched and has me excited. Next few days I will be spending some time see how this works with Builder and Ant. Will keep you all posted.