Build a relationship; even if it means pushing targets out

You can hear what a client/partner needs and you can just meet their needs.


You can listen to them, and start building a new relationship and lay the foundation for a long-running gig.

You can only succeed in that partnership when you start by focusing on solving immediate paint points but never lose track of the big picture. Even if have to tell the Executive Management, that they have to wait for 3 more months for what they want the partnership to achieve because there are more burning issues that need resolutions now, more often than not you will be surprised how happy they will be with the simple fact that you 2 teams are building a relationship of trust because that will only result in a win-win.

P.S.: On a side note, please do not ever sugar coated No one in the world is stupid enough to not see through that. Truth is preferred even if it isnt’ sweet.

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