We are in Alpha – is a lame excuse

Alpha releases are done to test functionality for early feedback

Alpha releases do not run for 6 months

Alpha releases are not exposed such that consumers are able to consume and create content

Telling your users, that your software is in Alpha after 5 months of launch is a lame way of telling people that you do not care and you rather spend your time on something of more importance. If you are going build a software (a product) and you care about it, and more importantly you want the people using your software to continue to use it, you have to accept the fact that you are liable to fix defects faster. Hiding behind an Alpha tag is a slow death.

Wake up, take accountability and stop saying you are still in Alpha. Have the balls to listen to your consumers, prepare a road map and then MOST importantly fix some of those issues on a consistent basis. Most people do not ask much (unless they are paying you), they will be very satisfied with a few bugs getting fixed every month.

Also, remember there will be 90% of the people who do not care, and will potentially support you. They are not your friends. They (most probably) do not have ideas to help your product grow. The ones that shout most, the ones that take the pain and effort are the ones with real feedback. Alienating them by thinking they are just 2 (maybe 3 people) of the community of 20 of 50 is the biggest mistake you can ever do.

Good Luck!

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