Do it differently

This is not a technical post, but more of philosophical. I generally post such stuff on my personal blog( but this time, I am going to make an exception but because “do it differently” will be a theme of several of next posts and this just sets the context.

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got

Someone recently said to me – “I am not doing this for the first time” to a review comment I provided to the person. Of course, I was too pushy (like I am always am, and people tell me to back off – still learning to strike a balance) but this quote just stuck a chord and esalbert einstien-quotespecially this one conversation I had a few days back.

While we all have our experiences and most often we are tasked with something because of what we know already, the ask is to apply the know-how and not really do what we have done in past. The idea is to use our experience of things and make it better, Do It Differently. We often time forget that and what we end up doing is exactly what we did last time – the same good things, the same mistakes. And then when we are done with that next project we wonder – why did the journey seemed more or less the same?

Well…. it’s because

I am not doing this for the first time

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