Don’t be afraid to course correct

When driving a car if you sense a flat tyre; do you stop and fix it or do you just go about driving with a sluggish pace which eventually will lead to an accident?

I guess we all know what we will do! So when we see a problem on a project why don’t we take the time and fix it? Why do we get afraid of telling stakeholders that something has gone wrong and we need to course correct which might lead to an increased cost or a bit of a delay in schedule?

I am sure the counter argument would be – we do fix it or inform it. I am sure if you introspect enough you will realize that we do one of the following:

  1. It’s trivial and we can deal with it ourselves – leads to no communication and eventually there are enough stacked up trivial(s) which eventually leads to cost of schedule gone wrong or;
  2. It’s a engine gone wrong and the cost is already so huge and I will blamed or it will taint my reputation of not being able to handle it well so let me fix it

Either ways you will find yourself screwed compared to if you would just tell the stakeholders who will more often than not be able to share some ideas of how to fix the problem faster. You may still end up bearing the cost (which you do anyways) but your journey towards delivering the project will be so much relaxing and i can almost guarantee your relationships with the stakeholders will be lot more trusting.

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