iFramework: Updates

iFramework: Updates

I just released a few more framework/utility classes for this Framework. The three new features that have been added are


Exception Handling

This simple yet powerful implementation provides some of the most desirable features in any Exception Handling framework:

  • Unchecked Exceptions for Business and System errors
  • Message Externalization
  • Message Localization
  • Configurable Message Data Sources


Message Readers

This package provides factory to fetch various types of Message Readers. The current implementation only supports Resource Bundle based message stores, but it can be easily extended to other data stores.


Concurrent Processing

This package provides base classes that allow you to run your functions in a producer and consumer fashion. By using this framework you have to worry about writing your business logic for a Producer and a Consumer and not about multi-threading and how these two entities interact. This framework currently has only one implementation of a Broker i.e AsyncQueueBroker but more will be added in coming months.

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