iTunes transfer figured out…. Finally

I have always feared a day when I move to a new laptop and i will have to transfer my music data from iTunes. I have got accustomed using iTunes for synchronization of music to my iPod. And I heavily rely on playlist that has my ratings or for all the songs. I have more than 1000 songs in my library and it took me a lot of time to rate all of those to my mood.  In the past when I moved of to a new laptop I lost all ratings and i had to all the stuff looking at my iPod.  Now,  once again when I am getting ready to move over to my this is my biggest challenge.

After trying for about 3 hours I finally figured out the way to get my ratings to the new computer. I had to use home sharing T get my two computers to share their library and copy all the data into the another computer. However,  this did not share the ratings (wierd).  So I make three playlist one for each of the ratings. Now as my new instance got the files,  i knew which ones were which.  I just selected a of my songs in a playlist and update them.

And now as transfer is taking place, I feel so received and so surprised that Apple did not think of this in most user friendly way.

2 thoughts on “iTunes transfer figured out…. Finally

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