Pet Project

It has been almost 3 years, when I first had this idea – a pet project. And, I needed one so that I can try out various things in technology like – try new UI frameworks like Flex, GWT, DOJO etc. Also, there have been times when I have wanted to try out new ideas like how to improve an application I never had a substantial test bed to try out those and generate results.

I have been running around many things, but I have realized that this time has now come for me to start something; something that I can be proud of. I am no Bill Gates or Einstein and I need to pick up things that I can do for the community. I have all those ideas where I want to do something.

So I start here, I start now a pet project. I have the following ideas:


Accounting Solution
– I need something similar to Tally – but that already exists
+ Looks simple one to make
– You need to use it – you can find a bigger use of it
– If you ever want to use it else where it wont be possible
– Can be built as a part of application #2 and #3

Broker Management
– Need specialized details
+ Dad can help
– Is going to be a long running project
– Will need a lot of time and attention on my own time
+ It is a complex system and will present challenges to work on

Clinical Management
– Need Specialized details – WIll have to Work with Atul
+ Is of medium complexity
– Will need a lot of attention on my own time
– There is a commercial viability, just in case


And the decision is Accounting Software – why?

1. It is simple to get started with; so that I can actually work on all layers. I do not want to pick something so big that is never ending

2. Other applications will need accounting in them, so I am actually building all three together

3. It provides me with an opportunity to build a API/Framework that can be used in other applications. This is going to be tricky and challenging


Well, to make it clear, this is not something that I am doing for my organization or during any duration when I am working. This is a pet project that I am going to work on in my free time and it is going to take time. I am thinking that I should share the development with you all – artifacts etc.

So be it – I will share how this is going and will be sharing all artifacts with the world.

With me luck.

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