Day: March 11, 2011

Mobile Web – In a different way

This presentation talks about how mobile web should be thought about and does talks about some numbers too. I like three things about the presentation:


1. The creativity with whcih it has been built and;

2. Talks about the core of the problem and;

3. Touches upon how we can go about fixing it.

Eclipse takes a leap with Marketplace

This is something not new to world, but is to me. Last night, when I started to upgrade my development environment to use Eclipse Helios, the very first thing I needed was a plugin to get met maven based projects working – m2clispe. Like in the past I started to search the net for a URL that I can dump the “Install Software” screen and navigate through the various options and then find any missing dependencies to get that going.

But, I was in for a surprise – Eclipse Marketplace. I read about Eclipse launching a marketplace a while back, but because I was not actively developing back then, it did not register. However, a tutorial reminded me the Marketplace.

The experience from there on was simply wonderful, something that I am not familiar in the Java world of development. Kudos to the Eclipse team to get this one going.

Nest step if to install many more plugins in my new Helios before I get back to development.