2009 already in progress and it is time for me to start planning where I want to spend my time and energies on.

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A very happy new year to all of you. Thanks for making Scratch Pad a success in 2008. Last year when I started this blog i could not have thought of bringing it to where it is today. For sometime, I have been thinking where do I want to take this blog too. If you think of it, it is not different then where I want to focus on technology.

1. Utilities Java Application Framework (code named ujaf)- Across projects, there are many things that I have been using over and over again. As these Java files are created in a project they carry along with them their package names (specific to projects). This utility aims to bring all such utilities in an open source project under sourceforge.net umbrella

2. Flex controls – I started to write custom controls when i started this blog. For last six months I have working away from Flex. On Jan 10, I am kicking off a new project in Flex (I am very excited). With this, any custom controls I need i will make them as a library and make them available as an open source library

3. Spring – This year will be find me focus a lot on Spring technology stack and use the various projects in my utilities.

4. Portal – I have been working on Portal technologies for last six months. This year will see me get into portal technology and do an integration of the same with RIA.

5. Converting my blog – By now this would have been done. Seems like, this has to wait for some time. By mid of Q2, 2009 this should be through. I hope you like the change.

There may be more things, I am unsure as of now. I have been asking you, if there are things on your mind share with me; it could of same interest.

God bless and have a great 2009.

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