Managing Code

Do you write code locally for personal use/reference? If the answer is yes, then this post is for you. For others, it may be worth still to read it.

I have been working on a set of projects for last few weeks. Today, I wanted to make some major and possibly destructive changes to the code base. Before I started to change code, I took a backup of the local folder into another folder so that I have a revert point. At this point it hit me – I am missing version control, that I enjoy in my corporate world.

I dropped everything and started to setup my laptop with the version control. I did the following:

1. Downloaded SmartSVN or TortoiseSVN as subversion client and install on your machine.’

2. Download Subversion client for windows from

3. Downoad Apache HTTP server to front-end the subversion server from

4. Install svn client and apache. Steps are simple and can be found with the downloads.

5. Configure Apache wotk with SVN. Read the post

6. Start Apache and hit http://localhost:80/svn/. Provide a different port number in case you changed the apache configurations.

7. Create a local repository on your hard disk by using the command line “svnadmin create foo”. This will create a repository in the same folder from where you ran the command.

8. Open a browser and type http://localhost:80/svn/foo. This will show a repository view to you.

Whola, you have your code base in repository. Enjoy it!!

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