Java Collections | Performance Benchmark

By | 21 October, 2008

Managing list or collection of objects is a very common scenario. In addition, managing that list effectively, that provides the optimum performance is also a very common need. The Java programming language offers many in-built data types for representing and modeling collection of objects. Some of the commonly used data types are:





Each of the data types behave differently under different scenarios. In addition, when writing algorithms that demonstrate highest levels of performance it is necessary to make the right choice. For many developers and architects it is not an easy choice.

This document provides details of a comparison done across various data-types supported by Java Collections Framework. In addition, it will study their performance under different circumstances.

Final complete analysis in the java-collections-performance-evaluation document.  Dowload PDF.

3 thoughts on “Java Collections | Performance Benchmark

  1. Eugene

    looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene

  2. Kapil Viren Ahuja

    Hi Eugene,

    I am not planning to add any more content on this piece anytime soon. If there is anything specific that i can add to it, please share your thought. I can work on those.

  3. Tomáš Homola

    Hello I was looking around about Java Collection performance. And I realy apreciate it. Do you think about to extend it for another operation such as remove, get(index), get(object), insert to some position or contains(object)? Let me know if you do will or if there is any way how to help you… thanks a lot nice work.



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