Month: August 2008

Recovering deleted files

I came across Recuve (pronounced ‘recover’) that allows you to recover deleted files from your computer. Recuva is free for both commercial and personal use. I did try it once and worked fine. Still need to try for a large number of files and see how that behaves.

Download and get started,

Flash 10rc now available

Flash 10rc is now available to download. Some improvements in this release are:

  • Camera input works a lot better;
  • Software fullscreen performance is vastly improved;
  • Faster, more stable windowless mode;
  • Important stability fixes.

Flex Best Practices

I came across this video recording of James Ward presentation on Best practices with Flex. Do take the time to go through the complete video

JavaFX released for preview

Sun released JavaFX preview. A platform that is said to complete with Adobe’s Flex and Misrosoft’s Silverlight is said to be released sometime in fall this year. This is a release is recommended for early adopters to get familiar with JavaFX technology and not for use in production