Flex gets difficult !!

Now that I an over some of the simple things in Flex and started to use this in a real application, I am finding limitations in Flex. Just today, I created my account with Adobe Bug System. While I wait for Adobe to start replying, I am going to use my blog to communicate these to the community and hoping that we can also find a solution.

Keep listining.

10 thoughts on “Flex gets difficult !!

  1. I would even say that it is a necessary thing. I do not mean any offence, but it is presumptuous for a developer to post a bug on JIRA before having searched high and low for a solution first (in liveDocs, aggregators, forums, lists, google, etc), otherwise Adobe and other developers would have a heck of a time distinguishing between the real bugs and problems someone simply has not found a solution to yet. So yes, please do be very sure you’ve found a bug before you post one.

  2. I do not agree fully. If I do something in Flex and find that the behavior is unintuitive; then I believe I should be logging a bug. Like in the case where you would expect holding a key to print repetitive characters which does not happen – if there is a workaround somewhere that does not states this is a not a bug. What i definitely do is to make sure that I am not introducing duplicates.

  3. Keys repeat fine for me on OSX & WinXP in Flex.

    A complex framework just being unintuitive is not a bug and I’d have to agree with Tom & Joe that searching for a solution before posting a bug is the way to go.

  4. Key Repeat works fine for me in my Flex app and I’ve done nothing special to ‘enable’ it at all. I cannot remember this ever *not* working in any application I’ve written in Flex (and I’ve written a lot in the last 3-4 years or so). I don’t think this is a bug, Kapil.


  5. Jamie: Try it on Firefox 2.x on Mac OSx and you will see the issue.

    Marc: I do not understand what is un-intutive here – this is something that break here.

    All: A defect is something that is an issue in a Library / tool. If there is a fix then that is a workaround which does not negates that the bug exists. The reason we should be submitting the bug is simply that in upcoming versions this can be fixed. Also, what makes you think that I did not search???

  6. “Also, what makes you think that I did not search???”

    Because you didn’t say “After searching high and low, I created my account…” šŸ˜‰

    That said, log it!

    I’ve sunk weeks of my life into high/low searching and workarounds for Flash/Flex solutions (shoot, since Flash 4) and I’ve decided to expect more from Adobe re: quality of code and documentation.

  7. Ah… it’s a Mac issue – that’s why I’ve not experienced the problem – I don’t need to support Mac’s with my Flex code so don’t have one…


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