Direct access to hard disk in Flash Player 10

If you missed the announcement, Adobe is releases Flash Player 10 code named Astro. As i spent time to read through some of upcoming features there is one feature that I am very excited about. Since the day I started to work with Web Applications, I have been missing this one – You can now directly access the Hard disk to save files.

Now that you have done pinching yourself, believe it. In ActionScript 3.0, we had “FileReference” object that allowed you to read files from local hard drive. But, if you wanted to save the changes back to the hard-disk, you then needed to make a round-trip to the server. With Flash player 10, we get some new functions on FileReference that eliminates that need and simplifies the task. You can see the video.

One good thing is that there is no direct communication to local hard drive. All interactions (I/O) operations would need a manual intervention which keeps the local file system secure.

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