Day: May 6, 2008

Colloborative working model using BlazeDS

Flex using BlaseDS provides a messaging framework that allows you to publish and subscribe to messages. In his recent post Christophe Coenraets has provided an example (includes source code as well), that shows how can you do something similar.

I am in middle of understanding the architecture, hoping to build an article that explains how to use the same constructs in your application as well.


Nice name 🙂

I came across this Firefox add-on a few days back. My first reaction was “this is kewl”, but as I started to use the same with my Firefox and looked at the various stats for applications all of this started to look “Hot”. For a simple application that I was working on, I figured out that there were numerous ways of improving the performance – goes to show how bad a web designer I am!!

Hope it helps you improve on yours. Go get it.

MXNA is now Adobe Feeds – Newer and faster than ever. Pumped by ColdFusion 8.0.1 – please welcome the all new MXNA.