Questions people ask?

I was training a bunch of my team members and then came up with the following list of questions during the course of the training. Hoping that this could be useful to someone else as well, I am now posting this out in open.

What is the difference between “Metadata” and Custom Events?

<mx:Metadata /> when used on a flex component provides additional information to the Flex compiler. We generally use Metadata tags for defining additional events, styles etc. Use the following code to insert a new event on your custom control.

  [Event("myEvent", "com.myevents.customevent")]

In this case when we expose this event via a meatdata tag, any consumer of my control can capture this event and whenever the component dispatches the event the consumer will be notified.

Can we have nested components?

Yes, we can. But we should avoid nesting may container as they can impact performance. Should red my entry a while back on Creating Layouts.

How can we chain events?

When we say chain events in this case, the real question was that can we sequence events if needed and make the Flex a more of single-threaded application. Short answer is “yes we can”. Long answer can be found in an upcoming blog.

More to come…

What is the scope of an Event?

What are various phases of events?

What is E4X?

How do we capture Mouse right click?

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