Code generation (Cairngorm)

I blogged about Cairngen a few hours back and I have that up and running now. Following are instruction to get that running:

  1. Down the project from Google project
  2. You need to some additional JARs as well:
    1. Mozilla Rhino (JavaScript libraries)
    2. Jacarta BSF
    3. One of the blogs also called out that you may need commons-logging-1.1.1.jar (through I already had that in my classpath
  3. To provide the details, of the code generation, you would need to modify the files.
  4. Now you can run the ant build -> ant main, which will provide you with the basic setup of the folders
  5. When you are ready to generate files, you can use one of the following targets:
    1. create-multiple-sequence-exclude-delegate: Generates the commands with-out the business delegate layer
    2. create-multiple-sequence-include-delegate: Generates the business delegate layer as well

My reviews on the library/tool:


  • Nice to have in your arsenal as provides you with most of the plumbing;
  • Fast and easy to get up and running


  • Having to mention the command/events in the properties file is not going to scale for larger enterprise based solutions
  • Same project/folder can not be used with different Flex applications. Though you can set up different projects, but needs plumbing there. There can be quick ways to manage that in Ant
  • Not having a GUI is a turn-off for me. You can not link

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