Day: April 13, 2008

Code generation (Cairngorm)

I blogged about Cairngen a few hours back and I have that up and running now. Following are instruction to get that running:

  1. Down the project from Google project
  2. You need to some additional JARs as well:
    1. Mozilla Rhino (JavaScript libraries)
    2. Jacarta BSF
    3. One of the blogs also called out that you may need commons-logging-1.1.1.jar (through I already had that in my classpath
  3. To provide the details, of the code generation, you would need to modify the files.
  4. Now you can run the ant build -> ant main, which will provide you with the basic setup of the folders
  5. When you are ready to generate files, you can use one of the following targets:
    1. create-multiple-sequence-exclude-delegate: Generates the commands with-out the business delegate layer
    2. create-multiple-sequence-include-delegate: Generates the business delegate layer as well

My reviews on the library/tool:


  • Nice to have in your arsenal as provides you with most of the plumbing;
  • Fast and easy to get up and running


  • Having to mention the command/events in the properties file is not going to scale for larger enterprise based solutions
  • Same project/folder can not be used with different Flex applications. Though you can set up different projects, but needs plumbing there. There can be quick ways to manage that in Ant
  • Not having a GUI is a turn-off for me. You can not link


MySQL 5.1 has been announced

Sun has announced the new release of MySQL 5.1. While this seems like an incremental release, there are some significant features lined up in this release. Zac Urlocker, VP MySQL products at Sun said in a video posted on InfoWorld

“One thing we’re really most proud of is, frankly, we fixed a lot of outstanding bugs in 5.0,” Urlocker said. “So 5.1 has not only greater reliability, but a performance increase of 20 percent. It will be more in some cases and less in others, but there’s a significant performance boost and scalability enhancements.”

If you are a Cairngorm user…

…you should try this baby – Cairngen utility that will help you generate all the code you need. Is very helpful as this:

  1. Brings in consistency to the code;
  2. Faster way of writing code;
  3. Providing common template to your source code files, like being able to add Copyright etc.;
  4. Reducing overheads.

I have been trying to use this on Mac, with some issues on classpath, while i figure that one out, you can see how this works.

Flex 4 code named Gumbo

Beta: Lats 2008

Final: 2009

Follow the development plans at:

Code Coverage for Flex

It have arrived!!

Flex Cover 0.10 has just been launched and has me excited. Next few days I will be spending some time see how this works with Builder and Ant. Will keep you all posted.