Day: April 10, 2008

Adobe releases LCDS 2.6

Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES ~ LCDS is the server-based technology that streamlines the integration of RIAs with LiveCycle Services, J2EE applications, and business logic. Read more here.

Live Docs is acting funny!!

Flex live docs has a bug, a report by Flex Doc Team.

Note that you can also access the same in Flex Builder Ctrl+F2 key

Flex skinning

A blog that has some nice videos about flex skinning

Seamless integration with AIR

Heres a good tutorial now on using the air install badge.

Showing the “hand cursor” in controls

This seemed like a challenge to us at first. We were trying to use the CursorManager, but then we hit upon a solution that made more sense and also was easy one.

Flash has an object called Sprite; if the buttonMode of the Sprite has been set to true, then the component acts as a button and displays the hand cursor. You can also use the useHandCursor property to turn that off if you want to.


<mx:Button label=”With cursor” buttonMode=”true” useHandCursor=”true” click=”click();” />
<mx:Button label=”Without cursor” useHandCursor=”true” click=”click();” />