Is Flex that easy?

By | 9 April, 2008

It is easy to make things code up in Flex and get to work. We all have seen at many places the many examples that show that up in – 3 steps:

1. Get into Flex Builder;

2. Throw some components;

3. Add events
While I loved to work in Flex and be back in golden days of desktop kind application, an inner voice always said that this is too good to be true. As I started to get behind the curtains i saw the bigger picture – Prototypes are different that Enterprise applications which are 10/20 times bigger than a prototype. Try making changes to the User Interface with minimum effort. Try handling the changes when you find that your back-end is changing, try handling performance issues. And then it comes to us that what we do in Flex was just a prototype. The examples themselves use “Absolute” layouts that are not recommended.

The question: Can you start coding up an enterprise application using the 3 easy steps? I believe the answer is No.

What do you think?

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