Is Flex that easy?

It is easy to make things code up in Flex and get to work. We all have seen at many places the many examples that show that up in – 3 steps:

1. Get into Flex Builder;

2. Throw some components;

3. Add events
While I loved to work in Flex and be back in golden days of desktop kind application, an inner voice always said that this is too good to be true. As I started to get behind the curtains i saw the bigger picture – Prototypes are different that Enterprise applications which are 10/20 times bigger than a prototype. Try making changes to the User Interface with minimum effort. Try handling the changes when you find that your back-end is changing, try handling performance issues. And then it comes to us that what we do in Flex was just a prototype. The examples themselves use “Absolute” layouts that are not recommended.

The question: Can you start coding up an enterprise application using the 3 easy steps? I believe the answer is No.

What do you think?

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