Adobe RIA Summit 2008

April 3rd, Bangalore was the venue for the Adobe RIA Summit 2008 and I was one of the lucky ones to be there. Amongst others were some of the key spokespersons Ben Forta and James Ward.

Ben Forta presented a session on using Flex using their Flex Builder and how can one in matter of minutes build a web site. He also introduced Thermo the next generation designing tool by Adobe (tentative Early release available in 3 months and a stable Beta 1 release by end of the year). Meanwhile, he talked about how can we leverage the Adobe Fireworks for improve design + development integration.

The most enlightening session was by James Ward, where he demoed the Adobe Life Cycle Data Service (LCDS). It was all about how can they make your life simpler by managing Conflict Management and client push capabilities. While it all sounded very meaty, I got a chance to catch up with James during lunch and spoke about some of the detail design aspects of the LCDS with web services / LDAP and other technologies.

It was also an interesting session to talk about some of the best practices.

I really enjoyed the summit.

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