Is Flex that easy?

It is easy to make things code up in Flex and get to work. We all have seen at many places the many examples that show that up in – 3 steps: 1. Get into Flex Builder; 2. Throw some components; 3. Add events While I loved to work in Flex and be back in […]

Adobe RIA Summit 2008

April 3rd, Bangalore was the venue for the Adobe RIA Summit 2008 and I was one of the lucky ones to be there. Amongst others were some of the key spokespersons Ben Forta and James Ward. Ben Forta presented a session on using Flex using their Flex Builder and how can one in matter of […]

Throw away Junk

There have been times when I have thrown away my code. Did you ever face this situation – I am very sure you did, as every developer does. Something that I have sweat over, written to deliver results, is ready to be discarded now thrown because I no longer need it or I find better […]

What is Flex?

Long time back Macromedia introduced Flash, the next generation Multimedia. Flash was all about timeline-based approach. Consider everything as an image put in a strip that you run through very very quickly to get some movie. People started to realize that Flash they can do some real cool stuff with and we started to see […]